God in the Internet Age

Fabien Charuau’s video art presentation, Being Seen Trying, will be displayed at Barcelona’s Loop 2015, a prestigious platform for new-media artworks. Presented by Chatterjee & Lal, the Mumbai-based artist sheds light on this unique installation with Fiona Fernandez

On how the idea took shape
I have been reflecting a lot on images (moving and still), on their generation and their life, on the idea that an image can be much more than what it depicts; it can carry a spiritual energy. I am very interested in the emotional connection that one can have with images, and I posit that images can have a life of their own, they can have the will to be seen and can be spiritually charged.

A still from Being Seen Trying
A still from Being Seen Trying

On Darshan in the Internet Age
A Darshan is the act of seeing and being seen. The fact that one can do it through the Internet is a sign that spirituality has a place on the Web. It’s intellectually engaging and by essence beautiful. I am working with what is culturally the closest to me: Online Darshan, but I am quite sure that it exists in other countries and cultures.

Fabien Charuau
Fabien Charuau

On the Internet and our perception of faith
Our perception of the Internet has changed drastically in the past 10 years — from a conduit of communication it has become a tangible space that we inhabit. It’s only natural that now we connect with the presence of God on the Web.

The room-sized video installation of Being Seen Trying by Fabien Charuau
The room-sized video installation of Being Seen Trying by Fabien Charuau

About fabien charuau's show

Being Seen Trying is a room-sized video installation where viewers encounter the pixelated imagery of a crowd at prayer. Each individual, with face contorted, using face recognition software, is projected onto a separate pane of glass. The footage used in the artwork has been sourced from a host of online Darshans (or ceremonies) at which devotees are given sight of the temple deity. Observing that many now pray in front of computers, Charuau investigates how the Internet processes a prayer. The footage also recalls online surveillance technologies. This will be the second time that the gallery Chatterjee and Lal has been invited to Loop in Barcelona. This video installation will be a part of Fabien Charuau’s upcoming solo at the same gallery in August 2015.
(Information courtesy: Fabien Charuau, Chatterjee & Lal)

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