Good fielders make captaincy easier, says Dhoni

India captain MS Dhoni believes having a brilliant fielding unit will make his task easier as a skipper. Dhoni, who was banned for the fourth Test against Australia due to slow over rate said, fielders such as Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina will ensure a similar situation would not take place again.

"Player like Jadeja, Raina, Rohit and Manoj (Tiwary) are all brilliant fielders and I don't have to worry about which position they are fielding because they are excellent anywhere. Also, they know where they need to be in terms of positioning and take it upon themselves which makes it slightly easier for me especially in the Twenty20 format. The game moves so fast it is a huge bonus and reduces my workload."

The India captain was confident that his team was capable of turning things around in the Twenty20 and ODIs. Asked if there were any scars after the Test humiliation, the Indian captain said, "not really, this is a completely new team filled with youngsters and it is a different format."

However the players who are considered "youngsters" have played over 50 ODIs and have plenty of experience in his format to turn it around. "The good thing is some players have been waiting to play for a while and they are eager to show their skills. Plus, there is healthy competition for places which is good for the morale of the team as well."

Dhoni admitted he had not decided on the final XI  and would wait for the afternoon of the T20 match against Australia. "There is some rain predicted so we will wait and see how the conditions are before the start of the game," he said.

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