Goodbye is the hardest word

Dec 06, 2011, 06:22 IST | Sachin Kalbag
The hardest decision for any editor to take is to tell his colleagues that the newspaper they worked for with so much passion and commitment is going to cease publication. It is also equally tough to tell loyal readers that their favourite newspaper won't be around from tomorrow.

Unfortunately, editors and publishers are as much victims of the vagaries of the market as anybody else. It is, therefore, with a heavy heart that I have to announce that the Delhi and Bangalore editions of MiD DAY will not be published from Wednesday, December 7.

The Mumbai and Pune editions of MiD DAY will continue to be published. Over the last year or so, MiD DAY has, just as many other newspapers, been facing the brunt of the economic slowdown, fluctuating newsprint prices, and other protracted adverse market conditions have made the functioning of the Delhi and Bangalore editions unviable.

I am aware that many of our readers are subscribers to this newspaper, and have paid their subscription money in advance. I thank them once again for their faith in the newspaper, and I assure them that their subscription money shall be returned at a pro-rata basis. Our long-term advertisers, too, shall be approached by our sales team to ensure that they get their money's worth. 

Similarly, we will ensure our vendors are not disappointed. At MiD DAY, we will continue to invest in quality journalism that touches lives and impacts our society. And the Internet will ensure that our stories are read everywhere, in spite of the geographical restrictions of the print edition. I hope you continue to read MiD DAY, and that you continue to support our journalism. Thank you, once again.

Sachin Kalbag Executive Editor

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