Actor Gopi Bhalla, known for his role as Gopi Hawaldar on the comedy TV show 'FIR', says comedy shows should avoid using vulgarity and be more family friendly.

The actor said makers of these shows should be careful since comedy shows are watched even by children.

"Nowadays, there is a lot of vulgarity in comedy shows, which is not right. Comedy shows should be devoid of vulgarity as even kids watch them and it can be a bad influence.

"Comedy shows should be like those which can be enjoyed by the entire family. Personally, I am against vulgarity and will always remain so, even if I have to leave my work and sit at home," Bhalla said staying away from using cheap jokes was one of the reason why his show "FIR" was liked by the audience.

"The entire team of 'FIR' was cautious that we don't use any double meaning jokes on the show. This was the reason why it ran for 9 years and still enjoys repeat viewings."

The actor will be next seen in a Punjabi film.