Los Angeles: 'Gotham' producer John Stephens has revealed that Mr Freeze, Clayface and the Mad Hatter would be among the villains featured in season 2.

Stephens also talked about the evolution of Bruce Wayne character in the next chapter of the Batman prequel series, reported Ace Showbiz.

"We always want to walk the fine line of the reality of our world. Walking right up to that line where super-villains live. So there are a lot of characters from Batman lore that fit that bill. People like Victor Freeze - who's a science villain. You can play a lot of his abilities without going into the world of superheroes," he said.

Stephens added, "Clayface and Mad Hatter are both villains we're going to bring in as well. They both have great back stories and great personalities. Clayface especially is a character I want to explore the origin of."

He added that he wanted to keep these characters fresh for fans who aren't familiar with the comic books. Talking about the story lines, Stephens said season 2 might explore the evolution of Bruce Wayne character.

"The Bruce Wayne we all know - there's a duality to his persona. There's 'Batman' and there's 'Bruce Wayne'. That fake playboy carefree Bruce Wayne persona. In season two, you're going to start to see that 'Bruce Wayne' persona develop as he starts to create a public face to hide who he actually is. So we get to watch that schism take place," he said.