Veteran actor Govind Namdeo says he is confident his upcoming historical film 'Solar Eclipse', based on Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, will not face any problem with the censor board.

Govind Namdeo
Govind Namdeo

Govind, last seen in Akshay Kumar-starrer "Gabbar Is Back", plays former Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai in the drama that is based on a conspiracy theory about Mahatma Gandhi's assassination in 1948.

"If we want to show a fact and we present it with full conviction then the film can create awareness. It depends on how you put it across. I am confident there would not be any problem with the censor board.

"When we were making 'OMG- Oh My God', we thought we would be attacked while filming the movie... There were a few controversies but it reached the audience. I see the same conviction in 'Solar Eclipse'," Govind told PTI.

The 65-year-old actor said he is always attracted to historical and real-life characters as they give him a scope to do different things.

"Historical characters always excite me. There is so much to work on in such roles, like voice, looks, way of walking, gestures, postures... I find it very interesting. The scope to perform is huge. The script is also very interesting."

"I am following his voice. The story of the film is set in 1948 and then he (Desai) was very young. And we all have seen him in his 70s so there is a difference as in the later years he sounded calm but during the earlier times he sounded fiery, powerful. So, I had to work on that..," he added.

The veteran is working on a yet-untitled movie on anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare. It is being directed by Shashank Udapurkar. He will also be seen in "Dussera", which is based on political backdrop of Bihar, and "Chapeker brothers", where he is playing the role of freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak.