Govt to submit black money holders list to SC tomorrow: Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: The Government will tomorrow give the entire list of black money account holders to the Supreme Court, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said emphasising that no one will be protected.

The list will be given to the Supreme Court in a sealed envelope, he said, but did not say if the government was open to making the list public.

"The government shall place the list before the Court because the government has already given (the list) to the court constituted Special Investigating Team (on June 27). The government is keen that by whatever procedure in accordance with law we must get to the root of the matter.

Arun Jaitley
Arun Jaitley 

"...the government has no difficulty in placing the entire list and the same will be placed before the court tomorrow," Jaitley told reporters here.

The Supreme Court today pulled up the government for seeking a modification of its order on disclosure of names of blackmoney holders abroad. It directed the Centre to place before it names of all such account holders by tomorrow.

Jaitley said the government was keen to punish all illicit foreign account holders and would do everything to bring back the black money."The truth about these names and also these accounts must come out so that penal action can be taken against the people and the money lying there can be brought back to India.

"The government has no difficulty whatsoever with any agency investigating this matter because there is nobody the government wants to protect in this case so that those whose names have come must really be investigated and punished according to law," he said.

He, however did not reply to a question on whether the government would make the list public. Jaitley said the government is also keen that the procedure followed must be such that the reciprocating countries continue to cooperate with India.

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