London: The dark secret for a long healthy life is out. No, not in human cells or any pill but in masturbation!

Dubbed as the “godmother of masturbation”, 85-year-old Betty Dodson has relaunched her masturbation masterclasses - strictly for women - in New York.

According to a Guardian report, beginning early 1970s, she took women-only masturbation (named 'bodysex') classes at her Madison Avenue rented flat for 15 years.

After 50 years at the frontline of the sexual revolution, Dodson is now back for a new, bold audience.

Known for her 1973 bestseller "Sex for One", she wants to help a generation of women that she believes are not nearly as liberated as they think they are.

“They are afraid of sex because they say it is too controversial. But I feel it is because they are personally too conflicted. They do not want to masturbate, they want Prince Charming. It's Walt Disney. Puke. Barfarama,” she was quoted as saying.

“In the workshop, we share our orgasm with the group while being in control of our own clitoris,” she said, adding that “keep up a sexual relationship with yourself" for a better life.

Dodson has also penned a hit biography titled “2010 memoir, My Romantic Love Wars”.