Greedy workers strangle, bludgeon boss to death

Nov 12, 2011, 03:24 IST | Akela

As factory owner was counting the day's earnings, duo killed him and fled with Rs 45,000; one of the murderers caught in UP, other still absconding

The owner of an embroidery factory in Ghatkopar trusted his employees so much that he thought nothing of counting the day's profits in their presence. Little did he know that one of his workers would turn executioner and steal his hard-earned money. Dinkar Thakkar (45) was running an embroidery factory in Asalpha -- Andheri Link Road, Ghatkopar -- and lived in Andheri.

Motivated by easy money: The prime accused, Anil Kumar Yadav ,
and his accomplice Monu Kannaujia sneaked up behind Thakkar,
strangled him with a power cable, and looted the day's earnings

On November 5, his employee Anil Kumar Yadav decided to rob his boss after he saw him counting a large amount of cash at the end of the day. The accused and his friend Monu Kannaujia sneaked up behind Thakkar while he was engrossed in a television programme and strangled him with a power cable from a computer.

To make sure that Thakkar was dead, they repeatedly struck him on the head with a stone. After his death the duo escaped with Rs 45,000 in cash. The victim's brother Kamlesh Thakkar discovered the body two days later when he visited the factory and a complaint was filed with the police.

Swift arrest
Five days later, the Uttar Pradesh STF arrested Yadav on Wednesday, while he was waiting at Lucknow railway station. Meanwhile, his accomplice Kannaujia, who is a resident of Borapur, is absconding. While in custody, Yadav told the Lucknow police that he had seen Thakkar counting money and he was overcome with greed.

After committing the murder, Yadav and Kannaujia divided the money equally and went their separate ways.
"Yadav first visited his native place Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh and gave his father Rs 20,000 and then went to Lucknow to meet his friend, where we arrested him," said Arvind Chaturvedi, deputy superintendent STF.
Following his arrest, the police recovered two mobile phones and Rs 2,100 in cash from him.

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