Greenpeace vessel to campaign against illegal fishing in Indian waters

Environmental organisation Greenpeace has decided to start a campaign to study organised and illegal fishing and stop overexploitation of marine resources in Indian waters.

Shipping in ideas:  Children on a visit to the Greenpeace Climate
Rescue Station. Now, Greenpeace has hired a ship to study
organised and illegal fishing in the high seas. File pic

It has hired a foreign ship, Esperanza, for the purpose. It will sail along Indian waters between February and March to investigate industrial fishing, a lot of which is carried out illegally.

The organisation has also started a petition site and a signature campaign to appeal to Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to regulate marine fisheries policies.

According to Sanjeev Gopal, campaign head of climate, oceans and energy of Greenpeace, the drive is aimed at building support for environmentally sound and socially responsible fisheries and providing for livelihood of coastal communities.

"Since our fish stock is depleting and our marine resources are under threat because of illegal fishing practices, we are planning to mount pressure on the government to take steps to protect them," said Gopal.

"The Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for managing fisheries in India, needs to effectively regulate industrial fishing as almost 90 per cent its fish resources are above maximum levels of exploitation. This is threatening the livelihood of fishing communities as well," the green activist added.

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