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Sep 26, 2011, 11:23 IST | Ashishwang Godha

With great food and shimmering blue waters, Smoke On The Water has almost everything going for them. Just make sure you are carrying a fat wallet when you step in

Another rooftop, poolside, al fresco, Indian dining options may not make a great different to Puneites' eating habits. Nevertheless, Smoke On the Water should be given a chance. They have plenty going for them, and the Indian fare on offer tops the list. We began our journey by the shimmering blue pool with a Simla Gulistan (Rs 220). Smoke On The Water is known for its grills and we decided to try this vegetarian option, to test their grill. The vegetable-stuffed bell pepper was served in generous portions and was dry and well done. We were impressed.

Simla Gulistan Pics/ Akshata Shetty

We stepped into the mains with Murg Mussalam (Rs 360). Again, the portion was large and though, it may not have lived up to its Sailana reputation for the thickness and creaminess of its gravy, it made for a nice meal along with the roti. Our only complaint was the amount (Rs 60) that we had to shell out for a regular roti.
Satiated as we were, we opted for a simple Hyderabadi Khatti Daal (Rs 210) and a Muttanjan Pulao (Rs 350). The daal didn't live up to our expectation -- it tasted almost exactly the same as daal tadka. The pulao, on the other hand, was good. With its chunks of tender, succulent meat along with an easy sprinkling of boti kebabs, this was a perfect dish by itself.

Smoke On The Water deserves special mention for its condiments. Their bowls of spicy garlic pickle and sweet mango relish were phenomenal (Take it from a non-pickle-loving person). Their service too was impeccable. When we expressed our desire to buy a small amount of their lip smacking garlic pickle, one of the restaurant's stewards, without any hesitation, offered it to us gratis. Baring the fact that this restaurant is a tad expensive, its great food and lovely ambience topped with excellent service makes it a perfect place to woo a date.

At Smoke On The Water, The Central Park Hotel, Bund Garden Road.
Call 40104000

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