If you thought the 'pub capital of India' would get groovier as the night wears on and a metaphorical cocktail of flowing liquor and soul-stirring live rock bands will take you to ecstasy, think again.

The city has found a 'partypooper' in the overzealous police department that has been imposing bans on pubs playing live music, much to the disappointment of the music-loving community.

Members of 400 bands plan to protest in front of the
Commissioner's office if the police department did
not stop their drive against pubs

According to crooners, earlier, the cops used to crack down on pubs that did not have valid licence to operate a dance floor. But now, there seems to be a paradigm shift in their attitude regarding pubs that host live music evenings.

All the pubs in Indiranagar were randomly issued a notice that proved to be the city police department's version of a dummie's guide to operating a watering hole.

The notice pointed out that no pub was allowed to have bright colored flashing lights, no dancing and
absolutely no 'western music'.

Disappointed, musicians have opened a front against the police's 'whimisical' crack down on social networking sites. Many pubs like BFlat have cancelled gigs that were scheduled for the weekend.

Plan of action
Members of around 400 music bands in the city have also planned to approach the cops and sing songs in protest against the drive, outside the police commissioner's office.

The other side
Commissioner of Police Jyotiprakash Mirji said, "If they have the necessary licence and abide by our notice, they will be allowed to function.

For now it seems like the music-loving community is going to continue to lock horns with the police department, till this 'impractical' ban on 'no live music' is lifted or something is worked out.