Pakistani paramilitary soldiers escort a suspect (centre) for interrogation after the shooting. Pic/AFP

Karachi: An Afghan diplomat was yesterday shot dead by a security guard following an altercation between the two inside the Afghan consulate in this Pakistani port city.

Private security guard Hayatullah Khan opened fire on the third secretary, Zaki Adu, in the lobby of the consulate in the high-security Clifton area after a personal disagreement between the two, according to Deputy Inspector General (DIG) South Azad Khan.

“This is not a premeditated act neither a terrorist act. The guard opened fire on the spur of the moment after he lost his temper following an argument with the deceased over timings,” the police official said. “We have checked the CCTV cameras and recorded eyewitness statements,” he said.

The diplomat killed was the brother of Mohammad Abdul, an MP from northern Balkh province. The guard was an Afghan national employed by the consulate.

Police cleared the consulate building for resumption of work after a thorough search. Security of the area has been increased after the incident, a Sindh government official said.