The security supervisor was an employee of the agency owned by Shera, Salman Khan's bodyguard

A security guard, who was an employee of the Tiger security agency run by Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera, is being hunted by cops for having stolen Rs 6 lakh from a cash collection box of a suburban theatre.

Ironically, he was guarding money that had been collected from ticket sales of Bodyguard, Shera's most well-known client's recent release. The accused Arvind Kumar Suresh Pathak is a native of Farfara in Allahabad, and is now absconding.

Posted at Fun Republic multiplex as a security supervisor on Sunday night, Pathak had been appointed to man the box where the cash collected from ticket sales had been stored.

He was assisted by an unidentified accomplice, who went into the cash room to collect the money.

He then slinked away with the sum, unnoticed by the other guards.

Once the theft was discovered, evidence incriminating Pathak was obtained from CCTV footage of the theatre.
"The security guard was aware that a surveillance camera was recording his moves, and thus he tried to reach up and cover the lens. However, failing to do so, he tied a bandana to cover his face," said API Kane of the Amboli police station.

"Three teams have been formed to nab Pathak. He could not be traced at the address that he registered with the security agency. The guard had lately been sleeping at the multiplex quarters," said Vishwas Nagre Patil, ACP (Western Region).

His boss Shera has been contacted for details that he might have been provided with, while employing the
30-year-old accused.