Gucci faces 'sweatshop' claims in China

Oct 13, 2011, 08:46 IST | Agencies
Gucci stores in Shenzhen, China are facing allegations from former employees of operating as high-end sweatshops.

In late September, five former employees released online an open letter to senior executives of the designer brand, including claims of a draconian list of employment regulations such as time limitations on bathroom use and unpaid overtime extending past midnight.

Employees said they needed to seek permission for drinking water and bathroom breaks were limited to a maximum of five minutes. They also complained of having to stand for 12 hours per day and work overtime without compensation.

Ben Huang, Gucci's Director of Marketing and Communications in China, said that Gucci has conducted an investigation of the complaints.

A Gucci spokesperson told media, "Gucci does not and will not endorse or tolerate the alleged malpractices."

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