'Guddu Ki Gun' - Movie Review

'Guddu Ki Gun'
A; Comedy
Directors: Shantanu Ray Chhibber, Sheershak Anand
Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Payel Sarkar, Aparna Sharma
Rating: 3/5

'Guddu Ki Gun' - Movie Review
'Guddu Ki Gun' poster. Pic/Santa Banta

'Guddu Ki Gun' is a sex comedy and, better (or worse?) still, it is a preposterous story of the protagonist’s male organ turning into, hold your breath, solid gold! While the premise of the movie itself evokes sniggers, one can’t help but feel a tinge of admiration for the confidence with which the story has been turned into a two-hour film.

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Kunal Kemmu plays Guddu, a local Don Juan, who under the pretext of selling washing powder, woos and seduces the ‘bhabhis’ of the area. So proud is Guddu of his asset (read: organ) that he’s on a mad spree to go around warming the beds of as many women as possible. But one morning he wakes up to find that his much cherished organ is now made of gold. This, because he has been cursed by the grandfather of one of his many jilted girlfriends.

The best thing about this film is that it unpretentiously and unabashedly stays true to its genre, thriving on double meaning dialogues and cheesy scenes. Guns and puns are used liberally, as if the scriptwriter was instructed to make maximum use of words like ling (a Sanskrit word for the male organ).

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It is a sex comedy, so there are plenty of references to sex (and luscious women) and there is comedy. There are several laugh-out-loud moments and the director and the scriptwriter manage to keep you hooked throughout. However, the script falters at the end when a climax is stretched way beyond its limit, thus testing the patience of the audience.

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Kemmu, who’s already shown us that he has excellent comic timing in films like 'Go Goa Gone' (2013), plays Guddu with much enthusiasm and passion. Sumeet Vyas, who plays Guddu’s best friend Laddu, has also done a good job.

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