Guests stealing blankets from CST's AC dorm give officials the chills

As many as 20 blankets provided to passengers lodging at CST’s AC dormitory have been stolen; attendants have now been asked to check passengers’ luggage when they leave

After stepping up vigil to curb miscreants from stealing fixtures at the air-conditioned dormitory at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), railway authorities are now dealing with a new menace.

The dormitory also provides a towel and a bathing soap. Former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal inaugurated the retiring room in April last year. File pic
The dormitory also provides a towel and a bathing soap. Former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal inaugurated the retiring room in April last year. File pic

Attendants at the dormitory are complaining that passengers are making off with the blankets provided to them during their stay. Authorities said since the retiring room was thrown open to travelers on April 16 last year, apart from the light bulbs and bathroom fixtures, several blankets have gone missing.

'Checks are difficult'
To solve the problem, the authorities have asked attendants to check the luggage of guests when they check out. But officials said it is not practical to implement such checks on a routine basis.

“To curb the thefts, we have been educating passengers taking shelter here, but it becomes very difficult to check each and every passenger’s luggage,” said a railway official on the condition of anonymity.

One of the attendants working here said that in the current year as many as 20 blankets have been stolen. He added that the maximum thefts have taken place in the women’s dormitory.

The Central Railway started the dormitory facility to provide safe and cheap stay to passengers. “Most of the time, the dormitories are full with passengers, as we charge a minimum price for a 12-hour stay,” added the railway official.

“Besides the blankets, even towels and bedsheets have been stolen from the facility by the passengers. Moreover, we are held responsible for these thefts,” said another attendant. A contractor hires the attendants who look after the maintenance and cleaning work at the dormitory.

Jitendra Patil, chief public relations officer, Central Railway, said, “We will have a talk with the contractor and look into this matter. We will also create awareness among passengers, and request them not to carry out such acts.”

Cheap stay for travellers
The 78-bed air-conditioned dormitory was inaugurated on April 16, 2013 by the then Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal. Of these, 58 beds are reserved for men and the remaining for women. Only those holding a valid ticket for an inward/outward journey are eligible to apply for the use of the retiring rooms and dormitory beds.

Rs 150
Amount charged for 12-hour stay

Rs 250
Amount charged for 24-hour stay

Rs 55 lakh
Cost of building the dormitory

  • ANIL26-Apr-2014

    The passengers should be charged for use of blanket and soap and towel, so that if they are carried away the costs can be recovered. Instead of such low cost a blanket charge of Rs.1500/- per passenger will ensure no stealing as passengers can carry the stuff away for that cost

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