Gujarat police chief faints during Narendra Modi's Independence Day address

Almost half-an-hour after Modi began his address, Pathak, who was standing near the podium from where Chief Minister unfurled the national flag, suddenly fainted on the ground. Following this, some officers standing nearby immediately rushed to him and took him behind the podium.

"I don't know the exact reasons but suddenly I felt fatigue and fell down. Doctors on the venue immediately took care of me after which I am feeling much better and now heading back to Gandhinagar," Pathak told PTI.

Gujarat Director General of Police Amitabh Pathak
Gujarat Director General of Police Amitabh Pathak. File Pic/AFP

Pathak was in the district with the Chief Minister since yesterday, and had attended a series of public functions apart from official Independence Day celebrations at Lalan College ground here.

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