Ahmedabad: US Secretary of State John Kerry's car today had a brush with another car in his convoy on his way to the airport but none was injured.

Kerry, who was here on a two-day visit to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, was heading to the airport when his car and another in the motorcade were involved in the accident.

US Secretary of State John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry

"It was a minor incident. During their drive towards airport today afternoon, a dog suddenly crossed their path on a road here. To save the dog, one of the cars applied the break suddenly. However, all the vehicles as well as people travelling in them, including Kerry, were totally safe and moved ahead without any trouble," said Superintendent of Police(SP) of Gandhinagar, Sharad Singhal.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said during the drive to the airport in Ahmedabad two cars in the motorcade had a minor traffic accident resulting in some damage to both cars.

"Secretary Kerry was in the first of the two vehicles. He sustained no injuries nor did any staff or personnel," she said, adding that he reached the airport without any further incident.

There was minor damage to Kerry's car. Another car which hit Kerry's car from behind was pulled out of the motorcade due to damage.

Kerry headed for the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport where he boarded his aircraft to fly to Islamabad.