Gulshan Grover: World cinema is really evolving

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Bollywood's 'bad man' Gulshan Grover, who is exploring international showbiz nowadays, says that world cinema is "really evolving".

Gulshan Grover
Gulshan Grover

"I am doing a Malaysian, Australian and Italian film and I feel world cinema is really evolving, because it also talks about different cultures and has some amazing content. Working in different kinds of films teaches you a lot," Gulshan told IANS.

He is currently busy promoting his web movie 'Badman', a comic caper wherein Gulshan relaunches himself in the Indian film industry, but this time as a hero.

"This is something new for me as well. I am exploring something new and I feel it's time to evolve. But nobody can say how it will unfold in years to come... We will get a better picture about web series and web movies," he said.

'Badman' is co-written by Soumik Sen, who is also the film's director, and comedian Anubhav Pal.

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