'Gun Pe Done' team wants battle against hooch

Jun 24, 2015, 09:17 IST | IANS

Upcoming comedy entertainer "Gun Pe Done", set to highlight problem of illicit liquor in Mumbai, rued that top leaders had ignored their request to join the "Hooch Free India" campaign.

The team of "Gun Pe Done" feels the recent hooch tragedy in this city was avoidable, had some timely effort been made against the illegal hooch nexus.

They said they had earlier written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to join their 'Hooch Free India' campaign but received no response.

"We haven't even received an acknowledgement to our letters... forget about any action taken," director Abhik Bhanu told IANS.

"It's not that difficult to make hooch, as it's not made in factories. Everybody is aware how it is made and that is readily available. This illegal business is booming at a rapid pace as local politicians, mafia and police help these offenders in their unscrupulous activities," he added.

Noting more than 100 people lost their lives in this Mumbai tragedy, he again appealed to leaders to join their campaign.

"We tried to reach poor people through our Hooch Free India campaign video. We sent it to channels and an article also appeared in some dailies. We are seriously pleading with the government to take action in this regard," actress Tara, who stars in the film, told IANS.

The team is now planning to write to union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria to make them aware about this grave issue and act accordingly.

Abhik and Tara are also hoping their film, a humorous take on hooch mafia, is watched by hooch consumers so that they get educated about its harmful effects.

The film also stars Jimmy Shergill, Vijay Raaz and Sanjay Mishra in important roles.

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