Indian film producer Guneet Monga has curated 'Films at The Coalition', a showcase for international movies during the third edition of The Coalition here.

Guneet Monga
Guneet Monga

The festival will take place from Friday to Sunday at the Talkatora Stadium, Talkatora Garden here.

Monga, who has been associated with films like "Gangs Of Wasseypur", "The Lunchbox" and "Masaan", said in a statement: "This is the first time we will be including three films as part of The Coalition to add another dimension for the creative community.

"The films that we have curated are not just award winning but very relevant to the current times we live in and it is important to have conversations around them and give them the attention they deserve."

"Bouncing Cats", "Tomorrow We Disappear" and "Placebo" are the three films to be showcased at the gala, which is founded by Only Much Louder and Do One Thing, and aims to bring together India’s creative community under one roof.

"Bouncing Cats", produced by Red Bull Media House, tells an inspiring story of one man’s attempt to create a better life for the children of Uganda using the unlikely tool of hip-hop with a focus on b-boy culture and break dance.

"Tomorrow We Disappear" follows the lives of New Delhi's magicians and puppeteers whose poverty struck houses are bulldozed and cleared by the government with a false promise of relocation, while "Placebo" talks about the toughest undergraduate schools in the world whose hallways of excellence witness something sinister at work.

These screenings will also be followed with a question and answer session with the films' makers.