Gurgaon: At least six policemen were badly stung -- and three had to be hospitalized -- on Tuesday after thousands of bees attacked a police station here.

There was real panic as policemen and others at the Farukh Nagar police station, 22 km from the city, ran for their lives after the sudden and terrible onslaught.

Police officials said among those badly stung were Assistant Sub Inspector Mahesh Kumar, wireless operator Ishwar Singh and the cook at the police station.

"They were badly injured," an officer told IANS. All three were admitted to a private hospital.

Some other policemen were also stung and were in agony.

The bees apparently came from a bee hive that had existed on a tree outside the police station for a long time.

"Someone disturbed it today, and the bees barged into several rooms in the police station," the officer said.

A few passers-by were also targeted by the bees.

Many of the victims first hit the ground to avoid the attack but later ran into the police station for relief -- only to flee that building in no time.

"The situation inside the police station was terrible," said a tea vendor who was also bitten.