Guwahati molestation: Amitabh questions media role

"In incidents such as this, how is it that a TV camera crew comes to know beforehand of a molestation to be taking place - so they could record it as content for the channel they work for," Amitabh wrote on his blog "This, if proved as per the police investigation, could mean that the TV crew colluded in the crime and then face consequences," he added.

Amitabh Bachchan

The incident took place July 9 when a 17-year-old girl, who was looking for an auto, was attacked by at least 11 men who molested her. It was caught on camera and went viral on the net. It also flashed across various news channels and caused outrage. The incident has triggered debate on whether the TV crew should have filmed the incident or helped the victim. 

"Pro-media comment defends itself by stating that the media's job is to inform and that handling a mob may be the prerogative of a hero in film, but not the reporter! Giving excuse that the recording assisted in identifying the culprits, sounds lame," said the 69-year-old Amitabh.

"This is a most unfortunate happening for the electronic media if proved in court. It would be a lesson for many to perhaps build greater honesty and integrity, than do it as an exercise because your own channel content is not sufficient enough for you to maintain position and TRPs!" he added. 

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