Gwyneth Paltrow is taking some time off from her career to focus on her kids, Apple and Moses.

Gywneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Between June 2012 and June 2013 alone, Gywneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (inset) both made it to the Forbes’ list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities. Paltrow landed at No. 71 with $10 million, and Coldplay came in at No. 14 with $64 million. PIC/GETTY IMAGES

Prior to announcing her split from her musician husband Chris Martin, the Oscar-winning actress recently informed an American channel about her priorities. “I have to go back to mommy…I have a rule about one movie a year, so I can’t shoot anything for a while, but I’m developing some material and working on the site and raising kids as well.”

The 41-year-old, who just wrapped filming Mortdecai with Johnny Depp, also said life on-the-sets isn’t always conducive for family life with two kids.

“I think it's different when you have an office job, because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening,” she continued. “When you're shooting a movie, you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult.”

Paltrow and Martin announced their split in a statement, last week, on her website. They have chosen to separate after 11 years of marriage.