Hackers cleaned out Rs 3 lakh from the account of a non-resident Indian, who had opened an account with ICICI Bank's HRBR branch during her visit to the city last fortnight.

Aparna Biju Jayarajan, who is married to a Dubai-based man, returned to Dubai on vacation on November 5 and told her father, (retired) Lt. Col. Venugopalan, to look after her transactions.

The scam came to light when Venugopalan went to the bank three days later and checked the available balance. He found that Rs 3 lakh had been withdrawn online from the account.

Venugopalan immediately cross-checked with his daughter over the phone, but she denied carrying out any such transaction.

He then informed the bank about the illegal transactions and later filed a complaint with the Banaswadi Police Station onĀ  October 10.

"We have lodged a complaint and are investigating the case," a police official said.

Hacking cases spike
This case came close on the heels of another account hacking incident with a different ICICI bank account where hackers not only withdrew Rs 1.2 lakh from the account of a software engineer, but also managed to block her SIM card to prevent the SMS alert facility.

Following increasing incidents of hacking, the banks have streamlined the SMS alert facility to update their customers on each transaction from their account.