Hamara Bajaj?

Bajaj Auto Ltd launched its first-ever four-wheeled vehicle, the RE60, saying it would target commercial users and three-wheeled vehicle owners in India. Initial reactions on Twitter were decidedly mixed though. Someone using the handle General Zod tweeted: 'Look on the bright side. The Bajaj RE60 is a huge step up from the current auto rickshaws.' On the other hand, in The Reviewer's words: 'Think of RE60 as a replacement for the auto and suddenly it's the prettiest thing in the world.' Shivam had a suggestion: 'Bajaj RE60 needed a better name like Bajaj Nightrider, Bajaj Fantasm or Bajaj ItsActuallyACar-NotAnAutoRickshaw.' And from our columnist Rohan Joshi: 'Looking at pictures of the Bajaj RE60, it seems like it might be more comfortable to put four people on a Bajaj scooter than in this car.'

Holy cow!
Apparently, killing a cow in Madhya Pradesh now carries a seven-year jail term, with the Cow Slaughter Prohibition (Amendment) Act 2010 getting Presidential assent. Rofl Indian tweeted: 'Now, instead of coward, they will use the word goatard to describe sissies in Madhya Pradesh.' Amol Dhurve came up with this comment: 'A tiger jailed in Madhya Pradesh ... for cow slaughter.' And from Subir Ghosh: 'Soon some Western nation will issue a tourism advisory against visiting Madhya Pradesh, lest their citizens be seen as beefy terrorists.'

Reel life
How would you describe your sex life using a movie title? For reasons known only to themselves, as always, a number of people rose to the occasion, yielding these among other examples: 'High School Musical 4: In other words, non existent.' 'Inception: It's a dream inside a dream inside a dream.' There was also 'Superbad', 'Home Alone', 'Thoda Hai, Thode Ki Zarurat Hai!' and 'Gone in 60 Seconds.'

The last word
From former MP Pritish Nandy: 'Time to revive the hunger in the Indian cricket team. What about a pay cut?'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online(twitter.com/lindsaypereira)

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