Hansal Mehta's horrifying experience while trying to call the cops!

Director Hansal Mehta had a horrifying experience while trying to call the cops to rescue a drowning boy from Juhu beach.

Hansal Mehta
Hansal Mehta

"I was walking. I go for my morning run and walk on the beach. I saw a crowd gathered. There was a boy who was trapped in water. People were trying to help him and they were scared cause he was quite deep."

"I called 100 a couple of times but the lady was rambling something in Marathi. He was trapped for good 15 mins. One man took the risk and got him out."

"The only answer I got was kyaa kya, I spoke to them English, Hindi and Marathi."

"It is such a major beach and there should be some kind of services all the time, coast guards, motor boat should have sent into the water. The cops stop the fisherman and asking them about the fishes they have but they are not on duty for this. I was watching it helplessly, he was in such a bad shape. As a city we should be ashamed."

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