Harbour Line services delayed due to technical snag on CST-bound train

Sep 04, 2015, 10:32 IST | A Correspondent

The morning peak hours on the Harbour line went for a toss after a Vashi-CST train experienced technical troubles. The incident occurred at around 8:05am when this CST bound train underwent 'Unit' failure.

Sources said that the trains were stalled at Kurla station and services between Kurla and Chunabhatti were stopped. Later Kurla-Panvel shuttle services were also being operated. "Announcements were being made asking people to take the main line from Kurla onwards," said a CR official.

Trains coming from Andheri and Bandra towards CST were running but after Mahim station they became overcrowded. The people waiting for trains from Wadala to South Mumbai were forced to wait for trains coming from Andheri. Harbour line, being a double line, authorities of Central Railway were finding it difficult to take out the stranded rake.

In a unit failure the motor coach of a train shuts down due to technical snags. This results in non-functioning of the locomotive causing it to halt abruptly. This hinders the morning peak hours especially affecting trains coming from Panvel.

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