Harder they fall

Jan 28, 2012, 06:35 IST | Lindsay Pereira

The gentleman's game was on a lot of minds for yet another day after India's dismal performance down under. Cricket Australia announced free entry to the Adelaide Oval on Day 5, prompting ABC Grandstand to tweet: 'Those heading to the Oval will need to get there early. It'll be over in half an hour.' Wisden India added: 'What happened at the Adelaide Oval today is another reminder that sport seldom allows even its greats to walk off into a golden sunset.' Someone using the handle IITianAtLarge was pleased: 'At least we reached the fifth day.' And Rishiraj Hebbar had this to say after the Indian team stood at 166/6: 'It's just going through the motions now. Wonder how many of the eleven will play for India again.'

And they're back
So, once again, the BJP promised to build a grand temple in Ayodhya if voted to power in the upcoming polls. Rachit Seth had a suggestion though: 'Instead of building the temple, will it provide funds to the Faizabad-Ayodhya Municipal Corporation?' Madhukar Kumar added: 'Dear BJP, give us better civic infrastructure instead. Sincerely, Ayodhya citizens.' And Prasad Patkar weighed in with: 'I think the only solution is Mayawati. She'll build her own statue at the controversial site. Case closed.'

You are special
How would you make a girl smile? Here are suggestions that cropped up: 'Send her a cute goodnight text while she's sleeping so she wakes up with a smile', 'Randomly text or call just to say you love her', 'Treat her like a queen', 'Go to her house when she's sick and make her soup' and 'Buy her food because, in 2012, food is the new flowers.'

The last word
From writer Shobhaa De: 'Bravo FinnAir for that surprise Bollywood dance on board to celebrate India's Republic Day. The crew rocked! Why didn't Air India think of it?'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)

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