Has Arjun Kapoor applied for a bank loan?

Arjun Kapoor, who is currently involved with the pre-production work of his upcoming film, 'Tevar', is believed to have borrowed Rs 40 lakh from a private bank.

Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

A source says, "Arjun and his maternal grandmother, Sattee Shourie, have applied for a personal loan. They visited the bank and have furnished the required documents. The loan is likely to be approved soon as there are no issues with his papers."

Rumour mills suggest that Arjun has taken the loan to start a business and invest in property as well. Refusing to divulge the reason behind the loan application, a source close to the actor says, "Arjun's grandma is the principal borrower of the loan and he is not involved in the procedure."

The actor's spokesperson says, "Everyone in India takes bank loans, and Arjun and his family members are no exception. It obviously doesn’t require any further explanation."

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