Has Arshad Warsi slashed his fee by almost half?

The grapevine is abuzz with rumours that Arshad Warsi has taken a pay cut after the debacle of 'Guddu Rangeela', his fourth successive flop since the 2013 sleeper hit 'Jolly LLB'.

Arshad Warsi
Arshad Warsi

A source says, "Arshad is going through a lean patch in his career and is struggling for a hit. Many filmmakers prefer to not cast him in the lead as his acting fee is quite high — about Rs 1.5-2 crore. But with a string of flops, Arshad has decided to slash his fee."

Sources suggest that Arshad was recently approached for a film and while he liked the script, his remuneration was an issue for the makers. "That was before 'Guddu Rangeela'. As it has flopped now, he has told the makers that he's ready to do the film for Rs 1 crore,” reveals an industry source.

Arshad Warsi remained unavailable for comment.



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