The police is routinely bashed and vilified for various failures, after having slipped up in catching murderers and not building strong enough cases to stand in the court of law. Today, though one has the happy opportunity to doff a hat to the Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar and his team for blowing the lid off the spot-fixing scandal in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). While cricket faces yet another black day, the sun is shining on the Capital’s policemen.

During the press conference in Delhi yesterday, the police revealed its evidence and video clips proving that they have done a stupendous job. It looked watertight and they had everything pinned down, as the players and their deception was left in no doubt. From evidence of their modus operandi, to the signals they give before indulging in dodgy tactics, the police outlined all in detail. The officers covered every aspect and left no grey areas in their presentation of facts and why they zeroed in on the three players. The police gave an impression that they had the package wrapped up, tight, with no loose ends.

One must also highlight how the police was careful to reveal only what they have in the bag till now. All other questions about more players involved, their names and ‘what next’ were answered and nothing was dodged. However, the answers were laced with caution, as the police obviously did not want to give away what they were working on next. It was plainspeak with a lot of maturity and thoroughness. There is more to come, no doubt, but here’s a crackling salute to the cops for a cracker of a case. Signed, sealed and delivered.