Hazare spurns title of 'Mahatma' by Gram Sabha

Deprecating any comparisons with Mahatma Gandhi, anti-graft campaigner Anna Hazare has rejected a resolution passed by the Gram Sabha of his native Ralegan Siddhi village conferring on him the title 'Mahatma'.

"I am a simple Indian trying to follow the path of greats like Gandhiji, Mahatma Phule and Dr B R Ambedkar. People should try to follow the ethics and values of these 'Mahatmas' in their lives to elevate themselves," the Gandhian told PTI from Ralegan Siddhi, 50 kms from here.

The village Gram Sabha had passed a resolution on Gandhi Jayanti yesterday conferring on its famous son the title of 'Mahatma' in recognition of his contributions to the nation.

The septuagenarian asked the villagers not to call him 'Mahatma' as he was against such "deification" for carrying out his duties as a common citizen.

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled outside the Padmavati temple, where Hazare is staying, to mark the Gandhi Jayanti.

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