'He doesn't love me anymore...'

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend and I met over the Internet a year ago. He is in Pune while I am in Mumbai, so we get to see each other on some weekends. He used to text me all the time and was a sweet, caring boyfriend. But that's not the case anymore as now he has no time for me. He has suddenly become evasive and avoids telling me what he is up to.
— Priya


Dear Priya,
You need to get the hint and move on in life. It is clear that this guy is no longer interested in you. At the same time, he needs to tell you what is going on in his mind. He definitely owes you an explanation. It appears that he is bored of you or has found someone else he now fancies more. Whatever the reason, he needs to tell you the reason why he has suddenly decided to avoid you. Tell him to be honest and forthright, it will make closure easier for you and you can move on in life.

Dear Diana,
I have been with my boyfriend for over five years. We were classmates during college. However, of late we have been arguing constantly. I don't feel I see him enough, and he wants more space. Six months ago, he got extra friendly with a girl and I threw a fit. He said he would make amends. I threatened to walk off, but he apologised and said he wanted us to be together. I was back with him, but after the incident things were never the same between us. Now things have got worse between us.
— Sayonee

Dear Sayonee,
The relationship has become jaded and either you work on bringing the spark back in it or call it splits. Instead of squabbling all the time, why don't you and figure out what has gone wrong. You two need to be honest and say exactly how you feel about the situation. Depending on what he says, you then need to decide whether to continue or not in the relationship.

Diana will solve it!
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