Dear Diana,
My boyfriend broke up with me because he fell for a friend of mine. We used to hang out together a lot. I didn't know when they hooked up behind my back. I was shocked when my other friends told me about it. When I confronted him, he said he was waiting for the right time to tell me. I lost my guy as well as my best friend. I stopped communicating with the two. Now five months later, my ex guy called me to say that what he had done was a mistake. He wants me back in his life. He says that my friend is not his type. He was attracted to her, but later realised that he was better off with me. I still care for him, but I don't want history to repeat itself. He hurt me badly and now finally I was moving on when he is back in my life. Should I give him another chance? Or should I just let him be where he belongs – in my past?
— Jayantika

Illusration/Amit Bandre
Illusration/Amit Bandre

Dear Jayantika
As they say once bitten twice shy. This guy dumped you for your buddy, so you have to be wary of him. If he really cared for you and loved you, he would not have resorted to such a drastic step. He did not care for your feelings nor did he stop for a minute to realise what you had to go through. You can no longer trust this man as he has a wavering mind. Tomorrow he will find someone else and then dump you again. So before you decide to take him back in your life, you have to do a rethink on the decision. Is this man worth it? He might tell you that he will make amends, but the trust is broken. You will always doubt him. If you really care for him and willing to forgive him, you can take him back in your life. But for a happy relationship, you will have to forget the past. If you keep on remembering what he did, there is no point in reminding him and squabbling about it. It is then better to move on.