Dear Diana,
I am still in love with my former boyfriend. I am 26 and he is 28. We went around for two years and then one day he just stopped talking to me. He never bothered to tell me what went wrong in our relationship or what had irked him. I only wish he had as I would not pine for him like this. We have not been together for a year now. But I still want him back. I remember all that he told me. I can't believe that he could dump me like this and walk away. My heart is broken and refuses to heal. There are times I feel like calling him but don't have the courage because if he snubs me it will hurt me even more.
- Anjalee

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Anjalee,
How can you still pine for someone who was a jerk and did not care for your feelings? If he really loved you, he would not have dumped you like this. Just because he left you does not mean it spells the end to you. Remember this guy was not worthy of your love. There are plenty of guys out there and I am sure you will find someone else. Go out and meet new people, have fun with your pals. Over time you will overcome it and then realise that this man did not really deserve your love. Be strong and let the past remain the past.