Dear Diana,
I recently met a guy through a matrimonial website. He was the first man I met since I broke off with my ex five years ago. He made me feel that I could love again. During an intense three weeks, we spoke a lot and even slept together. He now feels we did too much too soon. I now feel like a massive loser. Just a few days ago, I was feeling on top of the world. I now feel humiliated. Why did it happen to someone like me?
— Fatima

Dear Fatima,
The guy does not have to determine your self-worth. He seems to have played on your emotions. If he felt you were coming on too fast, he could have stopped you right there. Instead, he too played along and when he felt bored and was done with, he tells you goodbye. You may be feeling miserable, but you have learnt a big lesson. Next time be wary before you take the plunge. The silver lining is that you are done with this jerk, imagine if you had to spend your life with him, things could have been worse. I am sure you will find someone worthy of your love who will reciprocate your feelings.

Dear Diana,
I'm 20 and fond of two guys who I see in the college canteen. I haven't spoken to either of them, so I'm in a fix as to who to approach first. Going by their appearance, both are worth a chance though. How do I get to know them?
— Shardha

Dear Shardha,
Striking a conversation with someone in college is not so difficult. There are plenty of subjects you can talk about — from lectures to exams to professors and the cultural activities. First, befriend the two guys and then decide who is that special guy. Get to know them well. A common friend can perhaps help you get introduced to them. Once you know them, you can judge if they are interested in you by the way they react to you.