'He is not responding to my calls and SMSes...'

Feb 16, 2016, 07:38 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
My guy suddenly stopped talking to me. We were going fine for almost two years, but I do not know what got to his head. One day, he just stopped communicating with me. In fact, he had started acting funny, but I thought maybe he was upset about something. I cannot attribute a single reason what went wrong. It is difficult for me to let go. I have been trying to contact him, but he has not been responding. He has been ignoring me. Why cannot he tell me what is going on? If he is angry about something, he can tell me. His silence is killing me. I feel a vacuum in my life. After being with him all this while, I am in a state of shock. Some common friends tell me, he does not want to speak about me. His strange behaviour is making things even more difficult for me.
— Sonarica

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Sonarica,
Your guy is acting like a wimp by not telling you what went wrong. Something is definitely amiss and he certainly owes you an explanation. He may have got bored of the relationship or unknowingly you may have hurt him. Whatever the cause, he needs to tell you what has been the source of discomfort for him. It is not clear if he has found someone else, but he needs to tell you the truth. At the same time, if common pals are not proving to be of help, you can approach one of his family members. They perhaps can speak to him and find out why he is acting in such a strange way. He needs to tell you for a sense of closure as you will keep pining for him. It appears that you gave your all to the relationship while he was not serious about you. Had he been, he would not have taken such a drastic step.

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