Dear Diana,
I have been working as a receptionist at a trading company. I joined three months ago. One of the guys at my workplace tries to be extra friendly with me. Initially, as I was new and he was the most helpful guy around, I used to seek his help. But over time, I realised this guy was mistaking it for love. He started behaving over familiar with me. He would hang around my desk and try to be extra smart. I started avoiding him, but he would plonk himself on my desk. Now I can't stand the sight of him. He is well aware of my changed attitude, so he tries his best to irritate me. What do I do? I have spoken to another colleague who tells me that may people detest him at the workplace, but there is nothing that can be done as he is close to the company's wners. What do I do? At times, I feel like quitting the job. This is my first job and I am upset that things have got messed up at the beginning of the career.
— Pragya

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Pragya,
You need to tell this guy how you feel about the situation. Tell him exactly what is on your mind. As you are new in the company, you might fear the repercussions. Initially, you may warmed up to him as he guided you when you were new. Now that you have learnt the ropes of the company, you feel that you need him. Your changed attitude towards him may also be affecting him. I think a chat with him will do you good. Also, do not go by what the others in office tell you. They may have an axe to grind with him, so they are venting their ire by feeding you information about him. But if you feel he is causing you a great deal of trouble, you can speak to the HR folk. Think twice before you resort to any drastic measures.