Dear Diana,
My boyfriend recently severed all ties with me. It was like one day he was with me and the next day he disappeared. He just switched off. He did not give me an explanation, though he was acting a bit odd with me of late. There was a time when he could not live without seeing me and here he was just walking away. But I was shattered. The feeling is hard to explain as I cried for days and days. I just didn't know how to deal with it. I was so hurt. It has been over a month but I am still grieving! I really don't know how to forget him.
- Kyra

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Kyra,
Your boyfriend is just impossible. The wimp did not even tell you the reason he broke off. Nor did he care about what you are undergoing. You gave him whatever he wanted but how was his behaviour with you? It was simply atrocious. The next time tears swell up in your eyes, just remember the man you loved walked away. He does not deserve you. Do you want to spend your life with a man who you cannot trust? I am sure he must have already hooked up with someone else. Don't even bother contacting him. Be strong my girl time will heal.