Dear Diana,
My guy is obsessed with his bike. He cares more for it than me. When I started going out with him seven months ago, I use to enjoy the fun rides. We used to take off for long drives. It was a case of me, him and his bike. But over time, I got bored of the rides, especially after his bike broke down once in the middle of the night. We had to face some harrowing times till it was fixed. After this incident, I had told him I no longer wanted to go on those long bike rides. He then stopped asking me out and would go for a spin with his group of biker buddies. Initially, I was indifferent, but now it is getting to me. He has been spending more and more time with his pals than with me. We have been squabbling a lot over this, but he says that nothing can come in the way of his bike and him. He says he gives me time also so there is no reason to complain. I know he is hurt after the comments I passed about him and his bike. His behaviour towards me changed. What do I do now? Tell him to choose between me and his bike?
– Prachi

Dear Diana

Dear Prachi,
It is clear that your boyfriend is hurt. It is a guy thing and he feels you will not understand his obsession for bikes. If you feel you went overboard in your resentment for his love for his bike, why don't you apologise? Or talk things out and settle the issue in an amicable way. This will also enable him to strike a balance between you, his bike and his buddies. Also, you were well aware of his love for bikes since the time you two got together, so there is no point cribbing now. Learn to live with it.