Dear Diana,
I was assigned to work closely with a guy in office on a special project. All this while I used to hardly interact with him. But we hit it off well while working on the project as I felt he was interested in me. Over the course of time, I too started liking him. We  then started hanging out together. He made me feel special and whatever he said I believed him. But after our project was done, I didn't have to interact much with him. Overnight there was a change in his stance. Now we barely even talk to each other. Was I just someone he could have fun flirting with to brighten his work day? Or was there something more to it? 
- Nayana

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Nayana,
It appears that this guy considered you as his girlfriend only for work purposes. He felt it helped to get the work done! He indulged in the flirting game as it made you happy and you went all out there to make him happy. There are many such guys in offices who behave like this. According to me they are jerks. The girl gets carried away due to the all the attention the man gives her. You have learnt your lesson and next time be stronger and stay away from such men.