Head to greener pastures

Jumpstart is organising a forest trail inside the Tansa Wildlife Reserve, located at Atgaon, a little outside Mumbai.┬áHome to Tansa lake, one of the reservoirs of the city, this forest is home to different species of animals, birds and plants that can be a photographer and nature lover’s delight. And if one is lucky, a leopard or a deer might make an appearance too.

The forest is spread over 320 sq kms around the lake. Ryan Thomas of Jumpstart informed us, “Usually people aren’t allowed in this protected area and hence we had to take special permissions for this trail. The flora and fauna is similar to that of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and one will also find abundant seasonal streams along the way.” The trail would also include identifying various bird calls, insects and butterflies.

The registration fees for this trip includes travel fare plus breakfast and lunch.

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