New Delhi: A new mosquito-borne virus named 'Zika' has become a major issue of concern in recent days due to its impact on pregnant women. This infection can result in underdeveloped brains in new born babies. Many new cases have come up in the USA in last few days. So, it has become essential to know everything about deadly virus.

Zika virus

Here is a list of things that we should know:
1. Zika virus initially causes mild illness known as 'Zika fever' and it is transmitted through the aedes aegypti mosquito.

2. There is no medical treatment for this infection.

3. Since November, Brazil has seen 4,180 cases of microcephaly in babies born to women who were infected with Zika during their pregnancies.

Zika virus outbreak

4. Symptoms of Zika virus include fever, rashes, headache and possible pink eyes.

5. The only protection against Zika virus is to avoid travelling to areas with active infestation.