Skin oil

The benefits of mineral oil are way too many and you surely were missing on it if you haven’t discovered them until now. There are many ways by which you can bless your skin with softness and glow. All you need to do is follow these basic steps to ensure proper health of your skin.

Baby oil

Baby Oil: Baby oil is nothing but mineral oil with added fragrance. One can substitute baby oil with mineral oil and use it. It also is used for preventing diaper rashes. The main attribute of it is that it soothes skin from skin irritations such as skin burns, etc.


Make Skin soft: Mineral oil is highly emollient and regularly using it makes the skin soft and smooth. The best time to apply it is within 3 minutes window after shower. Waiting any longer can make the skin loose precious natural moisture into the air.

Skin wash

Hydration: The skin on the neck is thinner than that of the face. The skin around neck can burn readily with strong skin care products. To go for something that works equally well for both face, neck and body, one can choose to apply mineral oil.

Wash your skin and pat dry before massaging mineral oil thoroughly for the skin to absorb the moisture. This will help you retain the proper hydration level.


Exfoliating: One should remember that too much exfoliation can be harmful for the skin but it’s important to do it once in a week. Skin needs moisturizer post exfoliation to ensure retention of the natural oils from evaporating. Products with mineral oil as base ingredients works best for this.


Sunscreen: Sunscreen is not just for summer time but also should be used to protect skin from the winter sun. At a time when climate is so unpredictable, you can wet one clean cotton ball, dip it in mineral oil combined with baby oil and apply on your body 30 minutes before stepping out. This will guard your skin well from harmful sun rays and also from the dirt outside.