Health woes haunt Rane

Sep 28, 2011, 07:44 IST | Priyanka Vora
Narayan Rane, a diabetic, was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital, and has been discharged after cataract surgery
After spending two days at Breach Candy Hospital, senior Congress leader Narayan Rane (59), who was hospitalised for diabetes was discharged yesterday after doctors stabilised his sugar levels and performed a cataract surgery on him. 

Recovering: Doctors administered insulin to Narayan Rane to stabilise
his fluctuating sugar levels. File pic

Former chief minister Rane was suffering from Type II diabetes. Since the past few days Rane's sugar levels have been constantly fluctuating following which doctors hospitalised him. Reportedly, Rane also has a history of suffering from hypertension.

According to the doctors, fluctuating sugar levels are a result of a hectic schedule and irregular eating habits.

In some cases, it also triggers heart attacks. A senior doctor requesting anonymity said, "He (Rane) was constantly being monitored for his sugar levels and was put on insulin. Since his sugar levels were under control, the ophthalmologist performed the cataract surgery."  The minister was admitted under observation of Dr Nasir Fulara, senior physician, who specialises in clinical cardiology and diabetes. "His sugars are well under control," Fulara said, refusing to divulge any further details on the treatment.

A source from the hospital informed that in Rane's case the fluctuating sugar levels were interfering with the cataract surgery. "Cataract surgery is advised only if the sugar levels of the patient are brought under control. Rane was admitted a day before the surgery and the cataract operation was successfully performed after stabilising his sugar levels."

However even after repeated attempts, Narayan Rane or his son, Nitesh were not available for comment.
In 2009, Narayan Rane was hospitalised after he complained of chest pain. He was rushed to Lilavati hospital after sudden breathlessness.

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