Weissberg believes even if Muamba recovers fully, it is highly unlikely that he would be cleared to play professional football ever again.
Muamba was rushed to a hospital after collapsing during the FA Cup quarterfinal against Tottenham at White Hart Lane earlier in the month.
“It is not possible to say, but I think it is likely he would be advised not to play again because most conditions like this are a combination of physical activity and an underlying tendency to have a cardiac arrest,” The Daily Mail quoted Weissberg, as saying.
“I'm impressed (with the response) but you would expect that at a Premier League football ground. (It was) a fantastic example of a well-trained team recognizing first of all what was wrong, and then moving into action and doing something very, very quickly about it,” he added.
Muamba is currently recovering at the London Chest Hospital, and has already surprised doctors with the speed of his progress.