Heart-warming: Cop falls in love with protester amid riots in Ukraine

Feb 26, 2014, 08:30 IST | Agencies

Kiev: Amid the violence and political upheaval in Ukraine, a young female protester has told how she fell in love with a police officer after a stand-off in the capital Kiev.

Lidia Pankiv (24), met police officer Andrei on the streets as she, along with thousands of others.

Lidia, a reporter, had been one of several women acting as a human barrier by standing between the police and protesters in the hope their presence would prevent further bloodshed in the ruined Ukrainian capital.

She said: “We were up close to the police officers and I got a call from a friend, the officers were only just in front of us and she was asking me to help find a friend of hers that had been arrested. She wanted to write something.

I told her to call me, and I gave her the number she should call. I told her it twice as it was loud and there was shouting.”

However instead of receiving a call from her friend, the 24-year-old got a text from Andrei who had been standing close by when her number was being shouted out.

Apparently, the moment Andrei saw the stunning blonde placing herself in the line of fire he knew he was in love. The officer does not want to reveal his full name for fear of losing his job but has told Lidia he wishes to marry her.

His message to the girl of his dreams said: “Despite all the commotion I remembered your phone number when you gave it to your friend. I don’t even know your name.

I was standing in the night with a shield in front of you. When you stopped us from advancing, I realised that I want to marry you. Andrei.”

Speaking about the heartfelt text, Lidia said: “I was really surprised about the message and don’t know why I agreed to meet him. I certainly didn’t expect to find myself falling in love with him.”

She added, “But when I started to speak to him — that is what happened.”

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