Help pours in for abandoned 78-yr-old

A day after MiD DAY reported on the pitiable condition of Tara Palicha, Mumbaikars call in to provide the aged woman with financial aid, a roof and food

For those who say that Mumbaikars have no heart, this incident will surely make you think again. A day after
MiD DAY reported about the 78-year-old woman who was rescued from Kalyan station ('Abandoned by rich sons, old lady rescued from streets', November 9), help poured in from all corners to get her back on her feet.
After Good Samaritans came to the aid of Tara Tulsidas Palicha, a teacher and a resident of Kalbadevi, who was left to fend for herself after her sons threw her out of the house, MiD DAY received over 200 calls asking how they could help Palicha. While several people wanted to help her by paying for her medical expenses, others wanted to provide her with the basic comforts of a roof and some warm food in her belly.

Rajesh Nilani, trustee of Bhatia Samaj in Ghatkopar said, "After Palicha gets discharged from hospital, we would like to offer her a place in our old age home at absolutely no cost. We will look after her and also pay for her medical expenses."

Another resident of the building in which Palicha used to reside in, offered to send money to the hospital.

However, Narendra Goyal and Bhavesh Mehta, the ones who helped Palicha initially, were upset that even though help had come from strangers, her family members had not come forward to offer any kind of aid. Mehta said, "We expected Palicha's family would at least call or inquire about her after reading in the papers but they have not called. We have no respect for them. We shall take care of her and with so many people approaching us to help her we will do everything to make sure she never has to undergo any trauma."

Successful operation
Palicha underwent a surgery on Tuesday to remove the puss that had collected in her muscle and also to remove the dead tissue. The operating surgeon said that she would soon recover. "She will bounce back, but it may take seven-eight days as she is old and aged. We will soon discharge her." The doctor added that she would have to come in for regular check-ups after her discharge. For now, the hospital bill has added up to Rs 78,000, excluding the second surgery.

For those who are interested in offering any kind of assistance, can contact Bhavesh Mehta on 9820046755 or Dhiren Gosar on 9769259977

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